Modeling and multivariate analysis of the production process of alpha-hydroxy acids and hydrogen by electro-oxidation of glycerol / Modelagem e análise multivariada do processo de produção de alfa-hidroxiácidos e hidrogênio por eletro-oxidação de glicerol

Eduardo Dória Silva, Nelson Medeiros de Lima Filho, Humberto Dória Silva


The electro-oxidation of alkaline solutions of glycerol to obtain alpha-hydroxy acids and hydrogen is a sustainable procedure of a renewable nature, with the raw material derived from the co-production of biodiesel. The system is composed of a stirred tank electrochemical reactor built "ad-hoc" with a cell separated by ceramic where oxygen is generated to produce acids and hydrogen. The present studies were conducted by controlling the variables: temperature (0C), molar ratio (mol/mol) and current density (mA/cm2), based on experimental design and cyclic voltammogram. The empirical model and multivariate analysis were obtained through data collected by HPLC with a refractive index detector. This analysis presents the conversion of glycerol to tartronic and oxalic acid associated with the current density corresponding to factor1. Factor2 reveals the productivity of glyceric acid and glycolic acid related to molar ratio. The accumulated percentage of the two factors were more than 75% representative.  The empirical model built from experimental planning had  an error of less than 5%. The best phenomenological model experienced had an average error of less than 7%. From this model, the amount of hydrogen generated in the NTP was calculated.


glycerol electro-oxidation, alpha hydroxy acids, hydrogen, empirical and phenomenological modeling, multivariate analysis

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