Multivariate analysis of chemical parameters of cocoa: a contribution to origin designation / Análise multivariada de parâmetros químicos do cacau: uma contribuição para a denominação de origem

Jéssica Passos Carneiro, Carolina Oliveira de Souza, Janaína de Carvalho Alves, Adriana Cristina Reis Ferreira, Joelaine de Jesus Santana, Lusiene Lima Rocha, Sérgio Eduardo Soares


Brazil has been trying to become a key player in the specialized market through the production of fine chocolate. However, there is still no rules about the chemical quality of cocoa beans that allows it to be grouped by micro-regions. In this context, the objective of this work was to determine some chemical parameters of cocoa samples, aiming to contribute to the creation of the designation of origin for the cocoa produced in the south of Bahia. For this propose, proteins, lipids, total minerals, and fatty acid profile analysis were performed. The results obtained were correlated using multivariate statistical tests. The chemical composition of the cocoa beans, allowed to differentiate samples of cocoa, revealing the formation of three groups of samples. The two main components (lipids and proteins) were analysed together, characterizing the producing region. Regarding the analysis of the fatty acid profile, they showed that the cocoa harvested in the main season presents a higher influence of saturated fatty acids, while in the early season the higher influence is of unsaturated fatty acids. Multivariate techniques were able to group the different types of cocoa according to their chemical profile, helping to create an origin denomination for those produced in Southern Bahia.


fine Cocoa, fatty acids, chemical composition, designation of origin.

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