Circuit of incoherence: brazilian society suffers from disruption of dramatic personalities/ Circuito de incoerência: a sociedade brasileira sofre com a perturbação de personalidades dramáticas

Fabiano de Abreu Rodrigues


Denialism, hysteria, the need to draw attention, narcissism are among the most talked about behaviors nowadays. Taking into account that Brazilian society is considered the most anxious in the world, all these behaviors derived from the culture that resulted in this constant and intensified anxiety are triggering disturbances that are not necessarily genetic in origin, but that may be part of genetics. Brazil passing to future generations. Our behaviors create tracks that are passed from generation to generation. This article aims to determine that we are in fact living in the stage of dramatic personalities that trigger disorders and syndromes that are making society ill, raising anxiety even more and generating generalized antisocial behavior.


Disorders, Society, Brain. Media. Emotions.

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