Influence of anti-helminthic treatment on the performance and termination of cutting cows supplemented on grassland / Influência do tratamento anti-helmíntico no desempenho e término de vacas cortadoras suplementadas no campo

Osvaldo Alex de Sousa, Isabela de Almeida Cipriano, Giordani Mascoli de Favare, Tábata Alves do Carmo, Gabriel Jabismar Guelpa, Hornblenda Joaquina Silva Bello, Ricardo Velludo Gomes de Soutello


This work aimed to investigate the effect of anthelmintic treatment on the performance of cull cows. Sixty animals were evaluated, divided into three groups composed of 20 cows: two groups were treated with different anthelmintics (endectocide and conventional), while a control group received only saline solution. Anthelmintics and the saline solution will be administered subcutaneously at the doses recommended by the manufacturers: G1- Levamisol (RIPERCOL*L®) 1mL/40kg/PV; G2- Moxidectin (CYDECTIN®) 1mL/50kg/PV; G3- Control (saline solution) 1 mL/45kg/PV. Feces were collected to count eggs per gram of feces (OPG) of each animal, where a collection was every 28 days along with weighing to analyze the weight gain of the treatments. There was no statistical difference in OPG count and weight gain between the evaluated treatments. Both groups presented low contamination throughout the experiment, suggesting that when raised in comfortable conditions, healthy multiparous beef cows would not require anthelmintic treatment.



bovine, efficacy, weight gain, helminths, primiparas.

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