Desenvolvimento de um Sistema de Detecção de Gás Hidrogênio / Development of a Hydrogen Gas Detection System

Ítalo César Porto Xavier, Maria Bernadete de Morais França


Nowadays it is very necessary to handle hydrogen correctly to avoid accidents. Due to its high flammability in exposure and operation in industrial environments, it is possible that a gas leak or a fault may occur for correct operation of an equipment. In this paper, a detection system of a commercial hydrogen sensor was developed, using microcontroller, sensor, LCD display and a microSD card module. The communication of the sensor with the microcontroller was carried out, followed by the communication between the sensor and the microSD module with the saved data, where serially it was possible to obtain measurements in real time on an LCD display. Finally, the tests on the system validated the used methodology.


Data Acquisition, Electronic Instrumentation. Microcontroller.

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