Upscaling numérico baseado em uma metodologia multiescala para a simulação de escoamentos em reservatórios de petróleo heterogêneos e anisotrópicos / Numerical upscaling based on a multiscale methodology for simulating flows in heterogeneous and anisotropic oil reservoirs

Bruno F. A. de Lima, Erasmo J. G. S. Júnior, Alessandro R. E. Antunes, Mariana F. S. Villela, Lorena M. C. Barbosa


This work aims to develop a scale transfer methodology in highly heterogeneous and anisotropic porous media, that makes it possible to solve elliptical problems with accuracy and low computational cost. A scale transfer method is developed that uses the Multiscale Finite Volume Method (MSFVM) to perform a flow based numerical upscaling of absolute permeability. The transmissibility matrix was built in the coarse mesh over the projection and restriction operators obtaining permeability in the coarse scale. This allows to solve only local problems in the coarse mesh volumes and to use pressure multiscale solution in the fine mesh. The permeability field can be obtained by different strategies, and enabling simulations directly on the coarse mesh, controlling the accuracy of the solutions and also with the possibility of updating the permeability field over the recalculated locally conservative multiscale solution.




numerical upscaling, multiscale finite volume method, heterogeneous and anisotropic reservoir, two point flux approximation.


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