Mathematical modeling dynamics and economic for different systems / Dinâmica de modelagem matemática e econômica para sistemas diferentes

Aluisio Fernando Alves Ferreira, Cristian Epifanio Toledo, João Carlos Mohn Nogueira, Magaly Fonseca Medrano


Objectives are detection indicators: intermittent production + relevance across systems; modeling and dynamics between economic values in a production system [agricultural + livestock + wood]. The penalty is aimed at reducing the small effects to zero, while maintaining the real effects. Comparing the economic part and production the amount of animal production and the multi-nominal distribution as the matrix is divided by the concentration of efficiency and performance, ie the best and they offer additional advantages such as readily available safe estimates, estimating the flexible and parametric penalty in terms that will be considered. Selection was calculated as the super-accumulated sum of production to the break-even point - using selection mechanism for an equilibrium economic system. The results were for ILPF, agricultural and cattle showing that there was a statistical difference between the ILPF system among the others, obtaining an accumulation for gross margin with land and offering a supernormal profit in the other systems present.




compare, compaction, compliance, marge, net, study

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