PID and LQR controllers applied to the inverse dynamics of a 3-DOF Manipulator / Controladores PID e LQR aplicados à dinâmica inversa de um Manipulador 3-GDL

Josias Guimarães Batista, Darielson Araújo de Souza, Laurinda Lúcia Nogueira dos Reis, Antônio Barbosa de Souza Júnior


The application in the industrial manipulator robots has grown over the years making production systems increasingly efficient. Within this context, the need for efficient controllers is required to perform the control of these manipulators. In this work the PID controller (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) and LQR (Linear Quadratic Regulator) is presented from the inverse dynamics model of a RPP (Rotational - Prismatic - Prismatic) cylindrical manipulator. The inverse dynamic model which is modeled on Simulink together with a cascaded PID controller is presented. The PID and LQR results are also presented for joint independent and joint dependent control, i.e a controlled PID is used for each joint, controlling the trajectories and speeds at the same time. This paper has as main contributions the development of the manipulator dynamics model and the design of the LQR and PID controllers applied to the inverse dynamics model, which makes the system simpler to control.


PID Controller, Inverse Dynamics, PID Cascade, Cylindrical Manipulator, LQR Controller.


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