Tribal women health care in Jharkhand State Of India: Emerging Issue And Challenge/ Saúde das mulheres tribais no estado de Jharkhand na Índia: Questão emergente e desafio

Paras Kumar Choudhary


Jharkhand is properly known as the land of forests. It consists of full of hills rivers; valley and green forests .This state has its own charm. So for as matter of pollution causing health point of view the Jharkhand is good place.Scientific method has been used for this study. The four villages of Namkom of Ranchi District are a areas of study. Purposive sampling method was applied for selection of 100 hundred respondents among the Uraon, Lohra, Munda, Chik Baraik and Mahli tribals women and data has been collected through Interview and observation method. Descriptive Research Design has been used for conducting the present study.After survey its is prevailed that there is contradiction between perception and the realization.The study finds that the most of the tribals women are being benefited from above efforts. Unfortunately a number of Govt. health activist are not in position to undertake a requirement of tribal people as a whole. The Indian Govt. spent a lot of money for the health care of tribal women but unfortunately they are being affected from the Anemia, Vitamin A deficiency T.B. Filaria, Blindness, Iodine deficiency Mal- nutrition and several diseases. 


Tribal, Women, Health, Perception and Realization.

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