Self-care products for tooth whitening: advantages and disadvantages/ Produtos de autocuidado para clareamento de dentes: vantagens e desvantagens

Maria Carolina Stoco Fazanaro, Luis Eduardo Genaro, Camila Lebre de Castro, Andréa Abi Rached Dantas


The objective of the present study was to carry out a literature review on “self-care” or, in English, “Over-the-counter” (OTC) bleaching products, consulting articles in the Pubmed and Scielo databases, between the years 2000 and 2019, in order to evaluate its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of use. We can conclude that the majority of whitening dentifrices and rinses on the market do not have a clinically significant whitening action; in relation to dental strips or strips, they have satisfactory whitening efficacy. However, it is important to emphasize the need for further long-term studies to affirm whether these products are really safe and efficient, since their advantages and disadvantages become doubtful and questionable. Therefore, guidance and monitoring by the dental surgeon in the handling and prescription of such products is extremely important, after all, if used in an indiscriminate and erroneous way, they can cause potentially harmful data to the patient.


Tooth whitening, Toothpastes, Hydrogen peroxide.

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