Radiological contrast in cadavers as anatomical reference for head arterial supply in domestic and wild ruminant / Contraste radiológico em cadáveres como referência anatômica sobre o suprimento arterial da cabeça em ruminantes domésticos e selvagens

Rodrigo Kegles Brauner, Mauren Alana de Castro, Lygia Maria Almeida, José Eduardo Figueiredo Dornelles, Ana Luísa Schifino Valente


Anatomical studies focused on angiology are usually conducted after the arterial injection of fluid latex which allows dissections to identify the vessels and their respective paths. This work have as purpose to check the effectiveness of the angiography technique using diluted barium sulfate to identify, in radiographs, important vessels in the head of a stillbirth domestic (Bos taurus) and in adult gray brocket (Mazama gouazoubira). Were used fresh cadavers of one each specimen, in with the external carotid artery was cannuled and injected with barium sulphate diluted in water at 20 percent. The digital radiographic images were performed in laterolateral and dorsoventral projections before and after the contrast injection. Barium sulfate showed high vascular permeability making possible to visualize both the encephalic and facial arteries. It was possible to identify important vascular segments including vessels as small as 1mm in diameter, mainly in the oral and cranial base. Laterolateral positioning images were more elucidative than dorsoventral images in which there was difficulty in identifying vessels due to intense overlap.
The biggest advantage of this technique in relation to traditional anatomical studies of the vascular system is the speed of execution, there is no need to fix the material in formaldehyde solutions followed by detailed dissection. There is the “in situ” representation of the arteries and their radiographic projection, since it considers the normal overlaps of the structures of the head.



Angiography, Anatomical Techniques, Cephalic Arteries, Ruminants, Wild Animals.


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