Software developed to calculate electric motor power / Software desenvolvido para calcular a potência do motor elétrico

Fabrício L. Alves, Esdras S. Soares, Fernanda B. A. Freitas, Dorgival A. S. Júnior


The use of electric motors is common for many types of vehicles, from motorcycles to aircraft or large ships. The electric motor, also called an electric machine, serves to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. The most commonly used type of electric motor is induction, which is used in almost any application, covering hostile environments, explosives, naval applications, among others. The use of the electric motor is defined from its power. Its determination depends on three important variables, being those the voltage, current, and efficiency. Therefore, the purpose of this work is to produce software for mobile devices to calculate the power of an electric motor. According to the results obtained, it is verified that the parameter analyzed presents several behaviors when related to its dependent parameters.


Electric motors. Electricity. Mechanical energy. Power.


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