Determination of amino acids and nutritional aspects in transgenic soybean exposed to glyphosate/ Determinação de aminoácidos e aspectos nutricionais na soja transgênica exposta ao glifosato

André Luiz de Souza Lacerda, João Nicanildo Bastos dos Santos, Ary Gertes Carneiro Junior, Rodrigo Anselmo Tarsitano, Ricardo Salvador da Silva


With the increase of glyphosate tolerant transgenic soybean cultivation areas, this substance has become the main herbicide for this crop, its use may interfere in the metabolism and nutritional aspects of transgenic plants. In this scenario, the objective of this work was to verify the oil, protein, phytate and amino acid concentrations in glyphosate tolerant soybean cultivar. Comparing the averages between oil, protein and total amino acid levels in transgenic soybean exposed and not exposed to glyphosate, it was found that there was no significant difference by Tukey test at 5% probability. In conclusion, the data indicate that although the transgenic event affects some routes, amino acid synthesis was not affected nor in nutritional terms at the glyphosate doses studied.


soybean, phytate, amino acids, transgenics, glyphosate.

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