Water quality assessment for balneability at Porto Real Beach in the municipality of Porto Nacional – TO / Avaliação da qualidade da água para a balneabilidade na Praia Real do Porto no município do Porto Nacional – TO

Jânio Pereira da Silva, Marcelo dos Santos Targa, Ângelo Ricardo Balduíno


Water is an indispensable asset for humankind. Although it is renewable, it is finite, that is, it is exhaustible. Due to the need and the quantity of water for the development and progress of human activities, there is a significant increase in water consumption year after year in Brazil. Bathing is an instrument for checking the parameters that determine whether the water of a particular beach is of good quality for primary contact recreation. The objective of the research project was to verify the water quality of the artificial bathing beach of Porto Real, in the city of Porto Nacional in the state of Tocantins. This project prioritized the bathing water for use by the local population. The methodology to be employed will rely on an experimental research, according to Colilert's technique, and also according to the methodology adopted by Standard Methods (APHA 2005), with analysis of primary and secondary water quality data. The monitoring information was carried out in partnership with the Federal Institute of Science and Technology of Tocantins - IFTO. The results showed satisfactory E. coli and pH values for the Porto Real Beach bathing resort, according to parameters established in the CONAMA Resolution No. 274/2000.


Bathing suitability, Water quality, CONAMA Resolution 274/2000

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.34117/bjdv7n6-172


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