Measurements of rainfall, gamma radiation and radon gas close to the surface of earth showing dynamics correlations / Medições de precipitação, radiação gama e gás rádon próximo da superfície da terra mostrando correlações dinâmicas

Inácio Malmonge Martin


Through several measurements of gamma radiation, rain intensity and radon gas intensity always in the same place, correlations are found between those parameters. The measurements were made between the years 2019 and 2021 in São José dos Campos, SP, the tropical region of Brazil. The variation in the intensity of radon gas every hour influences the variation in gamma radiation and the intensity of rainfall measured each every minute in function of the time. The high temperature and high insolation rate in the region always increases the presence of radon gas. Intense rains that arrive with dry surfaces always increase the intensity of the radon gas in the region. On this same occasion, there is always a large peak of gamma radiation associated with rain and dry soil. Those dynamics correlations could be appreciate in those measurements in Brazil.


gamma radiation, radon gas, rain intensity.

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