Efficacy of violet LED associated with hydrogen peroxide for dental bleaching in the presence of metal orthodontic brackets/ Eficácia do LED violeta associado ao peróxido de hidrogênio para o branqueamento dental na presença de braquetes ortodônticos metálicos

Marina Eichelberger Jung, Gabriel Cristofoletti Camacho de Souza, João Vitor Francetto Paes de Almeida, Ana Paula Terossi de Godoi, Cristina Maria Franzini, William Custodio


Dental bleaching during orthodontic treatment remains as a clinical challenge. Violet LED is proposed to increase bleaching agents potential. This in vitro study evaluated the efficacy of dental enamel bleaching under metal orthodontic brackets  by associating violet LED with HP in different concentrations. Eighty artificially stained bovine incisors specimens (n=10) were divided into 8 groups, considering the factors: bleaching gel concentration (HP 4, 10 and 35%); exposure to violet LED (Bright Max Whitening, MMOptics®; λ 405 nm) and presence of orthodontic bracket during bleaching procedure. The color values were measured according to the CIE L* a* b* system by means of the VITA EasyShade® spectrophotometer at 24 hours after staining (baseline), and on days 1, and 7 post-procedure. The color differences (∆E*, ∆L*, ∆a* and ∆b*) between bleaching and baseline were calculated. Kruskall-Wallis and Tukey Tests were used to analyze the data (α= .05). In the absence of brackets, the groups treated with violet LED associated with 10% and 35% HP exhibited higher ∆E* values, when compared with those in which only LED was applied (p <0.0001). Use of the violet LED only was observed to be ineffective for dental bleaching, even for enamel surface bleached in the absence of orthodontic bracket. The association of violet LED with 35% HP increased both ∆E* and ∆L* of dental enamel bleached in the presence of bracket only at the first time point (p <0.0001) in comparison with the untreated group. The results of the current study showed that the violet LED used alone as a dental bleaching agent could not be sustained, irrespective of brackets’ presence. However, based on the applied protocols, the association of violet LED with highly concentrated HP, used for in-office bleaching, may cause a transient bleaching effect on the enamel underneath the metal bracket.



Hydrogen Peroxide, Tooth Bleaching Agents, Orthodontic Brackets.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.34117/bjdv.v7i5.29554


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