Elementos do Emprego de Chatbots para Auxílio no Ensino de Programação: Uma Revisão Sistemática da Literatura / Elements of Using Chatbots to Assist in Teaching Programming: A Systematic Literature Review

Ryam de Sousa Alves, Georginis Matheus do Nascimento, Reudismam Rolim de Sousa


Something recurring in courses in the area of Information Technology is the difficulty with disciplines focused on computer programming. Some factors that contribute to this problem are the lack of support for students since it can be impossible for the teacher to provide uninterrupted monitoring to each student, due to the volume of requests that may arise. As a result, he is not always able to meet all requests, causing dissatisfaction or frustration among students. In this context, several studies have been carried out to seek solutions to this problem, and several technologies have been developed and tested to solve it. One of them is the use of a chatbot, a widely accepted tool in this context, a robot that is available 24 hours to answer questions from students. In this work, a systematic review was carried out in search of works that research and develop chatbots aimed at teaching programming. As a result, 24 works were selected classified according to inclusion and exclusion criteria.



Chatbot, Programming Teaching, Virtual Tutor.


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PARSIFAL. Perform Systematic Literature Reviews. Disponível em . Acessado em 24 de dezembro de 2020.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.34117/bjdv.v7i5.29172


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