Parvovirus and distemper - the serious gastroenteritis viral / Parvovirose e cinomose – as graves gastroenterites virais

Felipe Gaia de Sousa, Hannah Ferreira Costa, Ana Paola Brendolan


Viruses, in their great majority, have the serious capacity to be easily transmitted through countless carriers. The great concern is due to the fact that they are able to promote critical conditions that threaten animal body homeostasis, inducing serious pathological conditions such as vomiting and diarrhea. Parvovirus is characterized by being a serious disease that affects a large part of the young animal population due to numerous reasons such as the nonexistence or lack of immunity right when they are born. Affected animals have very serious enteric conditions, which often lead the animal to death quickly. Canine distemper, caused by the canine distemper virus, causes enteric conditions and mainly neurological conditions, promoting diarrhea and nervous symptoms such as cases of paralysis and incoordination of the affected members. Diseases, if detected in time, enable effective therapeutic, control and prevention measures that can increase the life expectancy of the affected animals and, in some cases, cure patients.


death, disease, dogs, virus


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