A simple and cheaper solution to calibrate microcomputer time base with NIST totalizer method / Uma solução simples e mais barata para calibrar a base de tempo do microcomputador com o método totalizador NIST

Daniel da Silva Quaresma, Ricardo José de Carvalho, Antônio Eduardo de Oliveira, Carlos José da Silva, Akira Iwahara, José Ubiratan Delgado, José Guilherme Pereira Peixoto


Normally, laboratories that need traceability of time quantity in measurements, find high cost and complex infrastructure to collect traceable time measurements and automation software. This paper shows the calibration of microcomputers in LNMRI laboratory, using a simple method proposed by Special Publication NIST 960-12, with a unique reference counter with an external time base by the CSAC cesium frequency standard and a virtual stopwatch that can be download on the internet. The totalizer method is a simple way to calibrate time offset dt/t, and the results show that the microcomputers can be used how a time base reference in measurements that required dimensionless fractional time uncertainty until microseconds for a second.


Traceability, Totalizer method, Microcomputer, Time offset.


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