A new discrete-time Robust Adaptive Predictive Control-based RMRAC applied to grid connected converters with LCL Filter / Um novo controlador preditivo robusto adaptativo baseado em RMRAC em tempo discreto aplicado a conversores conectados à rede com filtro LCL

Wagner Barreto da Silveira, Deise Maria Cirolini Milbradt, Guilherme Vieira Hollweg, Paulo Jefferson Dias de Oliveira Evald, Rodrigo Varella Tambara, Hilton Abílio Gründling


In this work, is developed a new discrete-time robust adaptive predictive control based on combining the adaptive structure of a Model Reference Adaptive Controller  (MRAC),  to adjust gains online, with the control law One Sample Ahead Preview (OSAP), a particular case of deadbeat controller, for the current loop of a grid-connected voltage-source converter, also,  this control not need resonant controllers to reject exogenous disturbances. A case application is presented, the grid-side currents control of a three-phase full-bridge static converter connected to the electrical grid by LCL filter. Simulation results are presented to show the performance of the proposed controller in a grid connected system.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.34117/bjdv7n3-053


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