Rapid quantification of residual glyphosate in water treated with layered double hydroxides using liquid chromatography / Quantificação rápida de glifosato residual em água tratada com hidróxidos duplos lamelares usando cromatografia líquida

Emanoel Hottes, Glauco Favilla Bauerfeldt, Marcelo Hawrylak Herbst, Rosane Nora Castro, Rosane Aguiar da Silva San Gil


High performance liquid chromatography and an optimized colorimetric method were applied to determine the residual glyphosate in waters treated with double lamellar hydroxides such as MgxAlyCO3.nH2O. The chromatographic determination was by means of derivatization with 9-fluorenylmethylchloroformiate and running time less than 2 minutes, faster than analogous methods in the literature. The colorimetric method was performed by optimizing the Ruhemann purple method. The chromatographic and colorimetric methods presented LOQ of 1.05 and 2.08 μg / mL and LOD of 0.31 and 0.84 μg / mL, respectively. The percentages of recovery of the methods are between 93 to 105% with RSD less than 2.35% for the chromatographic method and 6% for the colorimetric. Both methods depend on the temperature. The double hydroxide Mg1Al1CO3.nH2O has the highest percentage of charge density (5.54 nm2) and the best performance in removing glyphosate from the aqueous medium.


High performance liquid chromatography with detection by photodiode array, Ruhemann colorimetric method, glyphosate, layered double hydroxides.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.34117/bjdv7n3-006


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