Technological development and Innovation from shared management in professional education: rede Itego, Goiás, Brazil/ Desenvolvimento tecnológico e Inovação a partir da gestão compartilhada na educação profissional: rede Itego, Goiás, Brasil

Douglas Araújo Falcão, Leonardo Guerra de Rezende Guedes


This work reports the results of the experience in implementing a modern management of the REDE ITEGO – a network of Technological Institutes of the State of Goiás, Brazil – within the cities of Anápolis and Catalão. It was possible to prove the relevance of planning and evaluation, to reach qualitative and quantitative goals in Technological Development and Innovation actions. Recent historical data obtained from the SIGA – a computerized academic management system – were analyzed. This work concludes by the success in the shared management process, even if it combines competing efforts for Professional and Technological Education parallel to Technological Development and Innovation actions.


educational management, planning, professional and technological education, technological development and innovation.

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