Metric Quantitative from Components Logistic Frames Heifers and Levels Bread Flour or Corn Grain / Métrica Quantitativa de Componentes Logísticos Estruturas Novilhas e Níveis Farinha de Pão ou Grão de Milho

Aluisio Fernando Alves Ferreira, Cristian E. Toledo, João Carlos M. Nogueira


Hypothesis from effects environmental can make provide options by utilization in scale one corn grain and bread flour illustrate different characteristics from behaviors in compare their performance in terms of prediction and variable selection in a simulation study, in relation a normal distributions to long times, we provide two basis empirical application in presents variables by gain.  We conduct a simulation study was compare the corn grain and bread flour, in terms by prediction and variable selection from frame size heifers in scale linear growing promoting two empirical similarities in yours differences. Thirty-six heifers, crossbreed ½ Gir x ½ Holstein, age 11 mouths, 102 kg (SD±15) were selected and assigned to 4 blocks based on parity and growled yield with 4 heifers in a block, and then the 4 heifers in a block were randomly allocated into 4 groups, and fed basal diets supplemented with different doses of bread flour at the doses of 0, 0,25, 0,5, 0,75 or 1 kg bread flour DM. Results, higher levels from bread flours [spilling energy], were higher interspersed elevate to effects associates positively for effect empty body weight after 30 days from consumers. Finally, bread flour was alternative viability for formation grow-fat animal and reduce value-maternal class economic costs in relation to corn grain.


aliment, inbreeds, efficiency, diet, metabolism


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