Produção de biossurfactante e lipídeos por uma nova cepa de Absidia cylindrospora UCP 1301 isolada do solo da Caatinga usando subprodutos agroindustriais de baixo custo / Production of biosurfactant and lipids by a novel strain of Absidia cylindrospora UCP 1301 isolated from Caatinga soil using low-cost agro-industrial by-products

Rafael de Souza Mendonça, Antônio Vinícius Pinho Sá, Lucas Albuquerque Rosendo, Renata Andreia dos Santos, Nathalia Sá Alencar do Amaral Marques, Adriana Ferreira Souza, Dayana Montero Rodríguez, Galba Maria de Campos Takaki


This study investigated the biotechnological potential of filamentous fungus Absidia cylindrospora UCP 1301 for production of biosurfactant and lipids, using agro-industrial by-products (crude glycerol, corn steep liquor and whey) as low-cost substrates. The experiments were carried out for 96 h, at 28 °C and 150 rpm, using a 2³ full-factorial design (FFD), to evaluate the influence of concentration of each substrate in surface tension and lipids yield. The results showed that the strain was able to produce biosurfactant and to accumulate lipids in the mycelium in all conditions of the FFD, since surface tension values were less than 32 mN/m and the lipid percentage was above 20 %, evidencing that A. cylindrospora is an oleaginous microorganism. However, the lowest value of surface tension (30.2 mN/m) was obtained in condition 4 (5 % crude glycerol and 5 % corn steep liquor), while the higher lipids accumulation (41.21 %) was achieved in condition 6 (5 % crude glycerol, 3 % corn steep liquor and 4 % whey). Statistical analysis confirmed the significant influence of the by-products concentrations used in the production of biosurfactant and lipids, constituting low-cost alternative substrates that make the bioprocess economical and attractive to the industry. In addition, this is the first report on biosurfactant and lipids production by a fungus belonging to the genus Absidia, which is a limited feature for some microorganisms.


Mucoralean fungi; tensoactive; oleaginous microorganism; agro-industrial substrates; full-factorial design.


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