Design for Service (DFS) in the Product Development Process (PDP) / Design for Service (DFS) no Processo de Desenvolvimento de Produto (PDP)

Julio Cesar Berndsen, Fernando Forcellini, Samuel Borges Barbosa, Lauber de Souza Martins, Rejane Costa


Due to the importance and growth of the demand of new products and services, there is a constant necessity to improve business processes. However, there are different approaches from different authors regarding this subject.  In the context of Design for Service (DFS), the first and the most traditional approach among the companies is to develop the products through a Product Development Process (PDP), which fundamentally considers the product design while the services are only intuitively presented throughout the life cycle. The DFS can also be developed in a parallel manner, putting service and product together. However, there are only few methods that integrate DFS into the PDP.  Review the existing literature about the best practices of the Design for Service (DFS) that incorporate “design for service” into the Product Development Process (PDP) in order to bring a better understanding of how to implement the DFS to PDP. The focus of this work is the DFS and its best practices, constituted by a Systematic Literature Review. A Systematic Literature Review elaborated in indexed databases (Scopus, Web of Knowledge, Compendex) was used and it was complemented by exploratory searches in the literature in order to compose the bibliographic portfolio. By examining the portfolio and the selected documents, it was possible to elaborate an analysis and organize it in chronological order, creating a timeline. The results indicate a growing interest in the service area in the past years, and clarify that the period between 2006 and 2014 were the years that had the greater research activity. The results are also important because they identify what the best practices of DFS are and what the important contributions to future research that may lead to the development of a model goal to incorporate DFS into PDP.



Design For Service, Product Development Process, Process Systematization, Service Orientations.

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