An analysis of pulverized coal injection in blast furnaces by rist diagram / Uma análise sobre a injeção de carvão pulverizado em altos-fornos por meio do diagrama de rist

Sayd Farage David, Felipe Farage David, Ramiro Conceição Nascimento


The reduction process in blast furnace involves the higher cost of a steel company. The operational stability of the reduction process should be accompanied by low fuel rate and a good productivity. Thus, it is extremely important to control the main parameters of this process as the ratio between the direct and indirect reduction, the efficiency of the stack, the temperature of the Thermal Reserve Zone and energy balance of the Elaboration Zone. This analysis was performed using the Rist diagram, to assess the operational changes of operation All Coke in relation to the use of pulverized coal injection in a blast furnace 1 at ArcelorMittal Tubarão. The Rist diagram was effective in to relate the parameters studied with these operational changes.


Blast furnace, Ironmaking, Rist diagram, Pulverized coal injection.

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