Uma revisão da literatura Sobre Técnicas de Inteligência Artificial Aplicadas a Redes Inteligentes de Autocura/ A Review of Literature on Artificial Intelligence Techniques Applied to Self-Healing Smart Grids

Fábio Junior Alves, Natan dos Santos, Giordana Maria Rodrigues, Paulo F. Ribeiro, A. C. Zambroni de Souza


The development of self-healing in smart grids is an attractive research topic. The application of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques for this purpose has been studied recently, and works published in this area show the effectiveness of AI. This article's purpose is to conduct a literature review of research articles published in recent years between 2014 and 2019, with the main theme related directly to self-healing and AI. Compared to the total number of articles published in smart grids, there is a small number of papers with this specific theme, mostly concentrated in Multi-Agent System (MAS). Performing an attribute agreement analysis, it is possible to look for relations between common characteristics of the articles and the chosen AI technique option. The methodology is applicable for educational and research purposes to facilitate the learning and investigation process.



Smart Grid, Self-healing,Artificial Intelligence, Literature Review.

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