The urban area of the Verde River Basin and the environmental impacts caused by the urbanization of Ponta Grossa – PR – Brasil/ A área urbana da bacia do rio Verde e os impactos ambientais provocados pela urbanização de Ponta Grossa - PR – Brasil

Gilson Campos Ferreira da Cruz


The goal of the present paper was to search for elements to understand how the urban growth and the urbanization process of a city cause environmental impacts in a hydrographic basin on which it develops. In order to reach the goal, several methodological procedures and research techniques were defined to identify the environmental impacts present in the urban part of the Verde River hydrographic basin, caused by the development of the city of Ponta Grossa, Paraná State, Brazil. The growth of the city over the Verde River basin has been occurring since its inception, initially in the sub-basins of Pilão de Pedra stream and Lageado Grande stream, later in Francelina stream, as well as directly on the Verde River. The identified environmental impacts range from the presence of rubbish on the banks and riverbed, to sewage dumped directly into the streams and into the river. The situation found in the three urbanized streams is worrisome, but the impacts found directly on the larger Verde River are more alarming, as they indicate a tendency to transform at least part of the river into an open sewer, due to pollution resulting from the impacts of urban growth and urbanization.


Hydrographic Basin, Environmental Impact, Environment, Pollution.

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