Lateral periodontal cyst: An unusual case report / Cisto periodontal lateral: Relato de caso incomum

Vinicius Azeredo Muller, Bruno Trevisan, Rafaela Hartmann Kasper, Caren Serra Bavaresco


Introduction: Lateral periodontal cysts are odontogenic cysts with very unusual development. According to the literature, they account for less than 0.4% of cases of odontogenic cysts. Presentation of Case: The present report describes a 34-year-old patient referred to the maxillofacial surgery and traumatology department of Montenegro Hospital due to swelling of the face with asymptomatic evolution for approximately 1 year. Based on clinical and tomographic examinations, the diagnostic hypothesis was odontogenic cyst, and the surgical plan involved complete enucleation of the cystic lesion. Complete removal was performed, and the material removed was sent for histopathological analysis. The examination revealed an irregular cystic cavity covered by epithelial tissue with few cuboidal layers that showed clear cells in the basal layer in some areas and the formation of nodular epithelial structures that protruded into the cavity. Discussion: The histopathological characteristics described in the literature are consistent with the histopathological description of the enucleated cyst in this case, confirming the diagnosis of lateral periodontal cyst. Conclusion: The patient is currently under follow-up, and evaluations have been normal.


Odontogenic Cysts, Periodontal Cyst, Oral Pathology.

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