Thermal control ways for Li-Ion batteries cooling: A review / Caminhos de controle térmico para baterias de Li-Ion cooling: Uma avaliação

Clauber André Ferasso, Lirio Schaeffer, Jeferson Diehl de Oliveira, Luciane Calabria, Cesar Pandolfi, Flávia Mânica Siviero


Thermal management system is a relevant aspect for Li-ion batteries, mainly for electric vehicles. For this reason, several cooling methods have been proposed along the years, considering effect of both thermal conduction and convection. This study reviews the main methods applied for cooling Li-ion batteries: the use of phase change materials PCMs, air-forced and liquid cooling. Cell Arrangements are also presented due to the effect of temperature distribution. Finally, a discussion on the use of flow boiling as a mechanism of heat transfer in Li-ion batteries is presented.


lithium-ion battery, thermal management, optimization, heat exchanger.

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