Radiological Findings: a lamb skeleton deformities case report / Achados radiológicos: relato de caso de deformidades do esqueleto de Cordeiro

Gabriela Döwich Pradella, Patrícia Maurer Taschetto, Susane Werle Dill, Claudia Acosta Duarte, Ingrid Rios Lima Machado, Geórgia Camargo Góss


Skeletal deformities are relatively common in animals. These abnormalities could be genetic or conditioned by environment factors. The radiographic exam is simple and allow us to identify a great number of congenital defects. Lambs with deformities are important economic problems in the sheep culture and there are few studies related to this. The objective is to describe the radiographic findings in one case of skeletal deformities in a lamb from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Radiological findings are compatible with paraxial hemimelia of the left tibia and polydactylies. General skeletal deformities were also observed in this study.




Tibial hemimelia; sheep; supranumeric finger; perinatal mortality; congenital defects.

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