Effect of fuels on the piston rings of the flexfuel engines / Efeito dos combustíveis nos anéis de pistão dos motores de combustível

Rogério da Silva Nunes, Mauro Carlos Lopes Souza, Rodrigo Felix de Araujo Cardoso, Neyda de la Caridad Om Tapanes, Carlos Alberto Martins Ferreira


This study describes the wear in piston rings of the internal combustion engines. The objective was to investigate, the rings wear between two engine groups, as gasoline, alcohol or blend fuel. The piston rings were acquired in a motor parts store and engine reconditioner, cataloged, identified, and chosen the samples with high mileage. The first step involved the measurement of height, thickness and ring outer diameter, to compare them with the original measurements of the manufacturers and make comparison between the groups, gasoline and flexfuel engine. In the second step, the rugosimetric parameters of the surface of the samples were checked with a rugosimeter. In the third step, a microscopic analysis was performed by a SEM for analysis of the contact surface coating of the piston rings. It was found that differences between the two groups of piston ring in respect to the wear. So, it was concluded that the wear of the rings of the two groups of engines are similar quantitatively, however, as for the rugosimetric analysis, a great variation was observed in the rings of the flexfuel motors qualitatively, when compared with the gasoline engines rings.



Measurement Wear; Piston Rings; Gasoline Engine; Flexfuel Engine.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.34117/bjdv6n7-288


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