Protein Phosphatase type 1 identification in different embryonic development stages from Kinosternon scorpioides / Identificação da Proteína Fosfatase do Tipo 1 (PP1) em diferentes estágios do desenvolvimento embrionário de Kinosternon scorpioides

Carlos Alailson Licar Rodrigues, Lígia Tchaicka, Alcina Vieira de Carvalho Neta, Larissa Sarmento dos Santos, Alana Lislea de Sousa


The genetic mechanisms involved in testudines’ embryonic development are still little known. Many of those processes can be clarified by means of identification and validation studies of genes during the embryonic development. Thus, we aim to identify the presence of PP1 through its expression in different embryonic stages form the semi-aquatic Kinosternon scorpioides, a wild fauna Amazonian belonging species. Embryo/foetus samples from different stages of development were utilized, 27, obtained from eggs submitted to two different controlled temperatures (26 °C e 30 °C) in artificial hatchers from the scientific breeding ground for the species. The RNA was extracted from embryonic samples and a reverse transcription in cDNA was also done and the PCR products were sequenced by Sanger techniques. The amplification by qualitative PCR from PP1 demonstrated positive results in all of the specimens, obtaining uniformity in bands profile, confirmed by amplified cDNA concentration from the different embryonic stages. Therefore, the data here reported allows the validation of PP1 as a basal expression gene for molecular studies from the Kinosternon genus.


mud turtle, protein phosphatase-1, K. scorpioides, embryogenesis.


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