Liquid-liquid equilibrium for water furfural extraction using different solvents and temperatures in the software aspen plus / Equilíbrio líquido-líquido para extração de furfural da água usando diferentes solventes e temperaturas no software aspen plus

Leonete Cristina de Araújo Ferreira Medeiros Silva, Talita Kênya Oliveira Costa, Beatriz de Azevedo, Cláudia Bezerra Silva, Raquel Revoredo Pinheiro de Souza, Talison Kennedy Oliveira Costa


The thermodynamic study of liquid-liquid equilibrium (LLE) can provide insights for understanding the process of furfural extraction of water by extraction in biorefinery plants, which produces high value-added products. The present work aimed to use the LLE of the water (1) + fufural (2) + solvent (3) system from experimental data and computer modeling for simulation or liquid-liquid extraction behavior using different solvents, verifying its efficiencies. The solvents studied were p-xylene, toluene, benzyl alcohol, acetophenone and methyl isobutyl. The thermodynamic NRTL model was able to monitor well the studied system. With a simulation run on Aspen Plus®, verify that the system adopted is an economically viable process.


biorefinarias, computacional simulation, liquid-liquid extraction

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