Consistency test and prediction of experimental data from binary systems methanol + acetic acid and methanol + water in vapor-liquid equilibrium / Teste de consistência e predição de dados experimentais dos sistemas binários metanol + ácido acético e metanol + água em equilíbrio líquido-vapor

Beatriz de Azevedo, Cláudia Bezerra Silva, Leonete Cristina de Araújo Ferreira Medeiros Silva, Talita Kênya Oliveira Costa, Raquel Revoredo Pinheiro de Souza, Talison Kennedy Oliveira Costa


Methyl acetate is generally used as an intermediate in a wide variety of syntheses, it can be produced by esterification of acetic acid with methanol in the presence of an acid catalyst. Methanol and water form azeotropic mixtures along this route, making the separation and purification of methyl acetate difficult and expensive. A thermodynamic study is essential, evaluating the operating conditions and thermodynamic properties of methanol/acetic acid and methanol/water. Therefore, this work aims to perform area and deviations consistency tests of experimental data to these binary mixtures. In addition, perform a prediction of experimental data from the UNIFAC, UNIQUAC and Hildbrand & Scatchard thermodynamic models. The tests provide a predictive behavior on the studied Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) systems and its main operating variables, such as temperature, pressure and composition.



Methyl acetate, thermodynamic properties, binary mixtures.

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