Therapeutic management of a long-term large oral lipoma: reports of two clinical cases / Manejo terapêutico a longo prazo de grande lipoma oral: relato de dois casos clínicos

Radamés Bezerra Melo, Carlos Diego Lopes Sá, Lucas Emanuel Torquato Loiola, Victor Pinheiro Feitosa, Diego Assunção Calixto da Silva, Flávia Gouvêa Costa Tchemra, Thiago Martins Magalhães Ramos


This study aims to report two cases of female patients with large lipomas in the oral cavity. The first patient presented a floating, mobile, and asymptomatic lesion in the right submandibular region, with an evolution span of approximately 30 years. Such extensive development time has led to a rare large size of this type of lesion. The treatment choice was total surgical excision of the lesion. The material was sent for histopathological analysis, with subsequent confirmation of lipoma. In the second case, the patient sought specialized care due to a complaint about a soft swelling lesion her mouth. In the intraoral clinical examination, a volume resulting from an extensive submucosal nodular lesion was observed, located in the buccal region, with sessile base, soft to palpation, and measuring approximately 5 cm in its largest diameter. An excisional biopsy was chosen for treatment. Both patients have a mean time of 15 months of postoperative follow-up, with no evidence of recurrence of the lesions.


Oral pathology, lipoma, oral cavity

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