COVID-19 and heart: relationship of cardiac tropism of the new coronavirus in affected patients/COVID-19 e coração: relação do tropismo cardíaco do novo coronavírus em doentes afectados

Felipe Mateus de Lima e Silva, Izabela Gonzales Tassara, José Eduardo Guimarães Casaca, Maria Carolina Guimarães Casaca, Nathalia Yuri Tanaka Okabayashi


At the end of a year 2019, an epidemic began in China, causing a severe respiratory syndrome, and in the months of March considered a pandemic. A family of this virus, however, has been known in the scientific community since 2002, since SARS. Among the severe forms of the disease, there is an intense systemic inflammatory response caused by COVID-19 that can cause cardiac injuries.  In view of this, the global impact caused by the epidemic of the new coronavirus associated with the cardiac manifestations triggered by it has become necessary to carry out studies, aiming to better establish this relationship. Therefore, a bibliographic review was carried out in different databases such as Scielo and PubMed, using the descriptors "COVID-19", "new coronavirus". How results were found several researches were carried out after the evidence of influencing SARS-COV-19 on the cardiovascular system, including some published materials, which show cases of heart failure initiated in infarction, myocardial infarction, myocardium and cardiac arrest present in patients infected with COVID - 19. In view of the current world scenario that presents a pandemic, patients with previous comorbidities, especially cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, are at a higher risk of developing a serious disease and this requires more frequent monitoring and follow-up under heart failure.


COVID-19, Myocardium, Cardiovascular system.

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