Mental disorders and blood pressure changes in young adults / Transtornos mentais e mudanças na pressão de sangue em jovens adultos

Nathalia Luiza de Souza Leite, Fernanda Santos Portela, Lucimara da Silva Meira, Lorrane Carvalho Santana, Eduardo Freitas Rêgo, Laura Virgínia Prazeres Cotrim, Caio Matheus da Rocha Couqueiro Monteiro, Iaggo Raphael David


Background: Currently, mental disorders are being considered a worldwide problem that has affected individuals on a global scale. The physiological aspects that comprise these pathologies can infer changes in blood pressure, increasing the risk for the development of arterial hypertension. Objective: The present study aims to evaluate the influence of mental disorders and environmental factors for the development of changes in blood pressure that can progress to arterial hypertension in young adults of both genders. Materials and methods: This is a quantitative, observational, transversal, descriptive and experimental research in a city in the interior of Bahia. The sample consisted of 258 individuals, being 174 females and 84 males. Mental disorders (anxiety, depression and stress), physical activity, smoking and drinking habits, body fat and sociodemographic variables were analyzed. The data were tabulated and processed in the Excel program and subsequently transferred to the statistical program SPSS® 25.0., and the 95% significance level was considered. Initially, the descriptive analysis of the data was performed, then, the linear regression test was used to analyze the relationship of the variables and for that purpose two adjustment models were created. Model 1 - blood pressure (dependent variable), the variables of mental disorders (stress, anxiety and depression) and age; and in Model 2 its was inserted - physical activity, body fat, social class, marital status, education, drinking, smoking and work. Both models were applied according to gender. Results: The sample consisted of 127 women and 57 men whose ages varied from 29.03 (± 6.454) and 29.37 (± 6.44) for women and men, respectively. Table 1 shows the characteristics of the sample, blood pressure levels ranged from 114.98 (± 14.888) and 129.13 (± 17.915) for women and men, respectively. Table 2 shows the results of the linear regression according to the models mentioned in the methodology for both genders, in adjustment model 1 and 2, p≤0,000 was found for both genders. Final considerations: The importance of studying factors of mental and environmental risks consists of analyzing their influence on the individual's blood pressure and other possible illnesses, since the individual is a set of complexities and the environment in which he is inserted influences to health.


Major Depressive Disorder, Stress, Anxiety, Chronic diseases, Arterial hypertension.


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