Prevalence of uterine curettages at Instituto da Mulher Dona Lindu in 2014 - Manaus - AM, Brazil / Prevalência de Curetagens uterinas no Instituto da Mulher Dona Lindu no ano de 2014 – Manaus – AM, Brasil

Lucas Amaral Pedrosa, Sofia Amaral Pedrosa, Anne Caroline Saboia de Souza Caria, Maria Fernanda Costa Cabral, Maria Eduarda Benedetti Teixeira, Erika Anjos da Silva, Thailiny Azevedo de Moraes


Uterine curettage is a medical-gynecological procedure whose function is to remove remnants of an abortion, whether spontaneous or induced. In Manaus, as well as data from other public maternities in all of Brazil, most of the abortions occur in young patients and are presumably induced. For this reason, our objective was to present a descriptive analysis of the data on the curettage procedure as well as to highlith the most prevalent age group at the Instituto da mulher Dona Lindu, Manaus-Am in 2014. Despite the continuing need for more research, in order to suggest more effective measures about sexual health education, the findings of the present study that at least half of abortions are induced and occurred in girls aged 14 to 18 years corroborate with most of the research on the subject.


Abortion, Curettage, Age groups.

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