Service Level Agreements for Management Information Systems in Business and Governmental Organizations / Acordos de Nível de Serviço para Sistemas de Informação de Gestão em Organizações Comerciais e Governamentais

Leonardo Guerra de Rezende Guedes, José Leopoldo da Veiga Jardim Filho, Olegário Corrêa da Silva Neto, Eugênio Julio Messala Cândido Carvalho


This work discuss the contracting of ICT services at its operational level and addresses the concept of "Service Level Agreement" (SLA) - used in the precise identification of service quality, attributions, and responsibilities of the actors, of questions for the determination of responsibilities and possible sanctions. To this end, the Management Information Systems operational maintenance service is cut, correlating the items according to the respective portions of the Cobit, ITIL, and Sarbanes-Oxley frameworks with the processes proclaimed by the Project Management Institute in its document of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) recommendations. It is concluded that operational service levek agreements based on normatives ansd recomendatons is adequate maintenance process of Management Information Systems.


Management Information Systems, Maintenance, Level Agreements, Governance.

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