Color dilution alopecia in dog – case report / Color dilution alopecia in dog – case report

Adjanna Karla Leite Araujo, Adriana Leão de Carvalho Lima Gondim


This article aims to report a case of color dilution alopecia in a five-month-old Italian Greyhound dog. The animal presented a history of intense pruritus and progressive hypotrichosis in the tail region and dorsum, leading to an alopecic injury in the tail region, in addition to discretization accentuated hair loss and recurrent folliculitis. In view of the clinical and epidemiological findings, such as age, coat color, skin lesions and absence of other clinical signs, it was decided to perform parasitological examination of skin scraping, with negative result and trichogram, in which the presence of macromelanosomes in the cortical and medullary region of the hair was evidencied, in addition to changes in the structure of the hair shaft, thus characterizing a clinical feature of follicular dysplasia linked to the coat color. As the animal presented uniform gray coat, it was possible to conclude the diagnosis of color dilution alopecia. Symptomatic treatment was then instituted, and the patient presented general improvement of the condition in a period of thirty days, being discharged clinically.


dog, alopecia, follicular dysplasia, trichogram.

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