Applying goal-oriented requirement engineering and reference architecture for microgrid systems / Aplicação de engenharia de requisitos orientada a objetivos e arquitetura de referência para sistemas microgrid

Miguel Angel Orellana Postigo, Javier Martinez Silva, José Reinaldo Silva


This paper presents a method for specifying requirements, applied to the operation of a microgrid. The challenge is to model Smart Grid (SG) systems requirements using formal methods based on schematic representations that will allows analysis, verification and validation, improving the reliability and performance of the design cycle.  Considering the inherent complexity of these systems - generally heterogeneous, open and distributed - formal modeling is a key issue for the design of automated electrical systems to fit user experience expectations. In this article we propose a systemic approach that combines consolidated reference architectures and modern goal-oriented requirements engineering methods in the early steps of microgrid design. The formalism proposed is intended to obtain formal requirements models associated with standards and reference models proposed and accepted by the scientific and practitioner community.


Requirements Engineering, KAOS, IEC 61850, Microgrid.

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