Hydrophobic immobilization of Burkholderia cepacia lipase onto octyl-silica for synthesis of flavors esters / Imobilização hidrofóbica da lipase de Burkholderia cepacia sobre octil-sílica para síntese de ésteres de sabores

Anderson dos Santos Barbosa, Sara Vitória Gama dos Santos, Lays Carvalho de Almeida, Willian Kopp, Paulo Waldir Tardioli, Raquel de Lima Camargo Giordano, Álvaro Silva Lima, Cleide Mara Faria Soares


Burkholderia cepacia lipase (BCL) was immobilized onto silica modified with octyl groups (OS) and the biocatalyst (BCL-OS) was evaluated as its performance in the synthesis in organic medium (synthesis of flavor esters as a model). The maximum support loading was 0.375 genzyme/gsupport, yielding a biocatalyst with an activity of 1197 U/gsupport at pH 7.0 and 50 °C in the hydrolysis of olive oil. The biocatalyst BCL-OS showed to be 9-fold more stable than the free lipase at 60°C in buffer solution (absence of substrates), with an increase of half-life from 16 to 144 h. The physical-chemical characterization of silica, octyl silica, and BCL-OS biocatalyst allowed confirming the immobilization of BCL onto the modified silica. The biocatalyst had an excellent performance in the synthesis of flavor esters, yielding more than 85% esterification yield (based on acid consumption) for acetic and butyric acids as acyl donors, and ethanol, butanol and hexanol as acyl acceptors. The biocatalyst could be recycled by ten 5 h-cycles of butyl butyrate syntheses at 37°C in heptane, retaining around 80% of its initial activity. Therefore, these results indicate that the BCL immobilized onto silica modified with octyl groups is a promising biocatalyst for application in organic syntheses.





octyl-modified silica, hydrophobic immobilization, lipase, esterification, flavor esters.


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