Biosynthesis of xanthan gum from pectin deriving from passion fruit peel extraction / Biossíntese de goma xantana de pectina derivada da extração de casca de maracujá

Fabiana Propheta dos Santos, Ana Karla de Souza Abud


Heteropolysaccharide obtained from the bacteria Xanthomonas fermentation, xanthan gum is widely used in the food, petrochemical, oil, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. This work evaluates the process of this polysaccharide production from pectin extracted from passion fruit peel, in the proportion of 1.5% (m/V), with and without sucrose supplementation, compared to the standard medium (YM). The fermentation process was carried out in an orbital shaker at 200 rpm and 28 °C for 72 hours. The gum yields obtained with pectin as carbon source were higher than that found with the standard medium, where with only pectin reached 13.83 g/L, while with pectin and sucrose it reached 18.87 g/L and in the standard medium the maximum yield was 9.76 g/L.


Xanthomonas, passion fruit peel, yield, fermentation, pectin

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